Rental Policies


In-Store Pickup – There is no extra charge for in-store pick up and returns,

Delivery and Pickup Service - We provide Delivery and Pickup Service for most large items. The cost is a minimum $50.00 for Delivery and Pickup Services, to deliver your equipment, show you how to use the equipment and then at the end of your event/party, we will pick up the rental equipment. Setup of equipment may be an additional charge.

Large Caterers Equipment, require an extra product deliver fee. This is charged for products that require extra handling such as 2 door refrigerator.

Extra charges may apply due to longer distances from Sebastian, FL or any special situations that exist such as having to carry equipment 2 miles through the woods, uphill (both ways), in the snow.  

You are responsible for cleaning the rental item before return or pickup. Extra charges could result if it is not clean.


*Web Orders - VISA, Mastercard, Discover and Pay Pal

*Phone Orders/In-Office Orders - VISA, Mastercard, Discover and Pay Pal (via Email)

Orders over $50 will be charged a 50% deposit at the time of your order. The remaining balance will be due the business day before delivery. We will attempt to call you the business day before (Monday rentals, you will be called Saturday) or you may call us at 772-646-0800 to confirm your order and take payment for the remaining balance (if applicable). If there is a balance on your order and we do not speak to you the day before your delivery, your order will not be delivered. Orders under $50.00 will be charged the full amount at the time of order as a deposit. 

Order Cancellation - While we hope that you do not cancel your order, we understand that things happen. Orders, with exception, may be cancelled up to 72 hours before scheduled delivery or in-store pickup, without penalty. We will process a refund of your deposit, via of company check. This policy does not apply to textile rentals, please see Textile Cancellation.

When you place an order, you are placing a hold on equipment that will prevent others from renting the same equipment during the same time. Cancellations less than 72 hours prior to scheduled delivery or in-store pickup, will forfeit your deposit (50% of the full amount). However, we really do understand that things happen at the last minute. Talk to us and we may permit you to reschedule the event rental without forfeiting your deposit (50% of the full amount). What An Event, LLC management is the sole determination if you will be permitted to keep your deposit (50% of the full amount) as a credit towards rescheduling your event. Any funds above the deposit (50% of the full amount) will be refunded. 

Textile Rental and CancellationTextiles include table cloths, runners, napkins, chair covers etc. Rental of textiles require a 100% deposit for the textile portion of the invoice. Textiles must be rented within 2 weeks of your event. Less than 2 weeks could result in additional charges for rush processing. Once textiles have been rented, there is no refund of the textile deposit, for cancellation.

Returns? All rental items should be returned prior to the end of the contracted rental period. Return after the end of the contracted rental period could result in additional daily charges.   You are responsible for cleaning the rental item before return or pickup. Extra charges could result if it is not clean.

Replacement In the unlikely event that an item does not work, we will deliver a replacement, if available, as soon as we can. If we cannot or we cannot get it working, you will not be charged for the rental cost for that rental item during the rental period or portion of contracted rental period that it did not work.

Rental Period The rental of listed items on this site constitutes rental for at least one day or the portion of a day. An example: the rental of one table is a request for rental of one table for one day, or portion of that day.

Damages Any damages to rental equipment is the responsibility of the customer while it is in your procession... if damaged, the customer is financially responsible for repairs back to pre-rental condition or replacement, along with loss of revenue for the rental item while out for repairs or replacement. At this time, we do not offer damage waiver coverage.

Security and Privacy We only collect personal information that is required to conduct business. Once your credit card order is processed, we do not store your credit card information online in the What An Event LLC cart.