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Misc. Event/Party Machine Supplies

Paper Cap - White w/Blue Stripe, 5 Ea

$2.00 - Package of 5

Made of sturdy white crepe paper that is fully adjustable with a raised crown and blue stripe. Worn by yesteryear Hot Dog Vendors, Soda Jerks, Snow Cone Vendors and others. Put your nostalgia on!

SternoCandleLamp 10102 Wick Chafing Fuel - 6 Hour

$2.50 Each

Keep your most popular soups or hot beverages warm and ready to serve with this SternoCandleLamp 10102 wick chafer fuel! This 9 oz. canister of Sterno fuel ensures your food is kept at appetizing and safe temperatures, and the can stays cool to the touch even when the wick is lit for easy movement or adjustment. Ideal for soup tureens and large hot beverage containers, this Sterno chafing fuel can stay active for up to 6 hours without replacement.

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