Round Tablecloths

Tablecloth Diameter*
Table Size
1/2 Drop
Full Drop
48" Round
76" R
132" R
60" Round
72" Round
132" R

Click on desired drop based on your table size to be taken directly to that size

*Based on a standard table height of 30". To calculate the drop of your round tablecloth, subtract the table diameter from the linen diameter and then divide by two. For example if you have a 60" table and a 90" tablecloth, subtract 60 from 90 (90-60) equals 30 inches. Then divide 30 by 2 for a drop of 15 inches, or a 1/2 drop.

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Pub Table Cover - Spandex

Starting at $15.00 /Day EA
Spandex Cover to fit Pub Height Tables. Nominal 30" dia table.

Rental Cost for basic White or Black. Other colors, textures and patterns could be an additional cost.

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