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Square Tablecloths

72 in, Square Tablecloth

Starting at $8.00 /Day

>Tablecloths made from stain and wrinkle resistant 100% polyester material

90 in. Square Tablecloth

Starting at $12.00 /Day EA

Folded over hemmed edges for an elegant look. Made from durable stain and wrinkle-resistant 100% polyester. Square tablecloth measures 90 inch x 90 inch

Rental Cost for basic White or Black. Other colors, textures and patterns could be an additional cost.

Square Natural Burlap Tablecoth

Starting at $14.20 for a 45" Square, depending on size
These tablecloths are only for SALE, not for rent, due to the natural fibers not being able to be effectively cleaned.

Our natural burlap is a tight woven, refined burlap, jute that will transform any event or setting into rustic and chic. Very popular for all occasions, weddings, special events, fine dining and home decor. Our Burlap is made from 60" wide Jute fabric. Wider burlap tablecloths are elegantly hemmed.

Size Cost
45" $14.20
54" $17.99
60" $20.99
72" $24.68
84" $40.99
90" $44.99
108" $63.34
120" $64.65
132" $84.94
Please use cart options to select size and color

Don't see the size that you need? We can make any size you need, without those custom charges. Please use the cart options to list the custom size and we will get back to you with the cost.
Available in Natural Burlap or Off-White, select, with standard size selection in cart

How to clean your purchased Natural Burlap Tablecloth
Spot clean or dry clean. (Please check with dry cleaner that they can clean Natural Burlap. Some dry cleaners use chemicals that can damage and burn the Burlap.)
DO NOT Put Natural Burlap in your washing machine. Jute is a natural fiber and will disintegrate if fully immersed in water.
Use cold water and mild detergent.
Do not twist, wring, squeeze, tumble dry or hang in sun to dry. Instead, blot dry with a towel.

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