Rectangle Tablecloths

Tablecloth Dimensions*
Table Size
1/2 Drop
Full Drop
72" Long (6 ft)
96" Long (8 ft)
60 x 126"

Click on desired drop based on your table size to be taken directly to that size

*Based on a standard table height of 30" and 30" wide. Calculating the drop for a retangular table is easy. Subtract the table length from the linen length and the table width from the linen width, and divide both differences by 2. As an example, you have a 4 ft long retangular table with a 70 x 120" tablecloth, start by subtracting 30 from 70 (70-30=40) and 48 from 120 (120-48=72). Then divide 40 by 2 (40/2 = 20) and 72 by 2 (72/2 = 36) which means your tablecloth will drop 20 inches widthwise and 36 inches lengthwise.

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