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Folding Chairs, Black
MIty Lite Folding Chair

Folding Chairs, Black

$1.50 Day
Mity Lite Flex One Folding Chair
•Comfort and durability by design
•Durably constructed to support over 800 lbs. of static weight* This is one of the highest rated chairs in the industry.
•Ventilated design
•Waterfall seat front for enhanced leg comfort
•Non-marring glides
Chair Covers are available.

*Note: Static weight is different than dynamic weight. A 400 Lb person flopping down in this or any chair may exert more weight than the rating of the chair, resulting in chair failure. Folding chairs are not designed for that kind of stress. When in doubt, use a fixed chair for your larger guests. Chair failure due to overweight is the responsibility of the renter.

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