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Large Willow Tree Candelabra w/ 24 lanterns, Chrome

Large Willow Tree Candelabra w/ 24 lanterns, Chrome

The ultimate backdrop candelabra with 24 candles! The Koch Willow Series provides a look not found in any other candelabras on the market and can be adjusted to a variety of themes and designs. The large Willow Candelabra comes with 24 clear glass pieces and hangars to provide an amazing centerpiece for a backdrop. You can customize your look with different types of candles. We suggest using one large Willow candelabra as a backdrop and two medium Willow Candelabras on the sides. The Koch Willow Series will dazzle your guests and provides a new and amazing look for weddings and parties. Overall candelabra size: 45''W x 45''D with adjustable height from 80'' to 98''H. Candles not included but are available separate.

Rent the large Willow Candelabra and 2 small Willow Candelabras and save over 10% on the set!

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