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50 Hot Dog Grill
50 Hot Dog Grill

50 Hot Dog Grill

$50.00 Day
Table Top Hot Dog Grill, dual heat thermostatically controlled, holds up to 50 four-to-a-pound 5" hot dogs at one time or 500 refrigerated ten-to-a-pound 5" hot dogs per hour, 6' grounded power cord, NEMA #5-15P, 120V, 1750w, 60Hz, 14.5 amps

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Electrical Considerations: This machine alone draws 14.5 amps. Most household breakers are rated for 15 amps and commercial buildings could have as high as 20 amps breakers. That means that this machine needs to be on a circuit by itself. Renting 2 machines, you will need 2 circuits. Extension cords should be med to heavy and capable of handling the machine amperage based on the length.

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