Ice Coolers - Non Electric

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Ice Coolers - Non Electric

150 Quart Coolers

$10.00 Day
Full Size Chest Cooler, Material Polyethylene, Insulation Ultratherm Foam, Body Color White, Lid Color White, Capacity 150 qt.
Holds approximately 120 lbs. of ice to full,
Approx Exterior Length 41-5/8 In., Exterior Width 18-7/8 In., Exterior Height 20-1/4 In.
Features : Lid Hatch, Threaded Drain Plug, , Insulation : Ultratherm Foam.
Ice is available as an option when you checkout. Delivery Only. Not available for in-store pickup orders

Cooler shown is a representation of the size of the cooler. Different manufacturers coolers may be available such as Igloo and Coleman.

Upright - Open Display Drink Cooler - Beverage Tub

$15.00 /Day

*On Wheels - Wheels are not designed for mobile operation when full of ice and drinks
*With or without 2 Side display rails holding 3 drinks each. Each drink display has a 5"slot for display cards
*Approx 27 1/2"w x 24 1/2" Customizable promo area (Comes with Drink logo plastic card and blank back... can use blank back for peel-on/peel-off stickers only)
*Bottom draining with side closable outlet
*2 Dividers in Ice Compartment
*Drink Well is 19" D x 31" L x 17 1/2" W

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