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Catering Assistants - Certified Food Handlers

$17.00 /Hour per person

Catering assistants for manning machines, wait staff, traffic/crowd control etc. All our assistants are Florida Certified Food Handlers. Hours worked by assistants include setup of machines, operating machine and then cleanup/teardown of machines. This relates to the length of your event, ie If your event is 3 hours long and you are using a chocolate fountain, the assistants time would include setup of the fountain such as warming it up and preparing chocolate for the fountain, operating the fountain and then at the end of your event, they would clean the fountain. This could be a total of 5 hours labor. Assistants time does not include the actual delivery and setup (place on table, plug in, give instructions) or the actual pickup of the machine after the event.

Assistants are available on a on-need basis. As such, the Date/Time hired, no Assistants might be available. Holidays are double time costs.

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