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20 x 20 Pole Tent

20 x 20 Pole Tent

$250.00 1st Day

White top with scalloped valances and aluminum poles. 7 ft eave. Perfect party tent for your wedding, graduation, church function, or other event. Cannot be installed against a building (5-6' spacing required). Whether you call it a party tent, canopy tent, event tent, wedding tent, or gazebo - we have what you need!

20' x 20' Tent rentals include set-up on grass, takedown, and removal. No setup on asphalt or use of ballast (Water). Customer is responsible for any underground utility damage, not located by Sunshine 811, including sprinkler systems, water systems, sub-panel feeds, etc. Any building and/or fire permits required by the City/Town, County or State are the responsibility of the customer.

Capacity: A 20x20 party pole tent will accommodate 40 people for sit down dinners. A standard event planners rule of thumb for comfortable seating is 10 square feet per person to allow for table and chair space.

Tents are manufactured using a fire resistant vinyl that meets or exceeds the National Fire Protection Association fire resistant standards.

We are required by law to have underground utilities located prior to tent setup. We will call Sunshine 811 upon your reservation of a pole tent. This requirement takes a minimum of 48 Hours for them to mark underground utilities. NO Pole Tents can be rented less than 72 Hours before the event. If we do not get a clearance from Sunshine 811, the Florida Utility Locating Reporting Company, we will not install any pole tent.

Size: 20' x 20' x 7' eave
Space Required: 30' x 30'


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