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Bud-Shaped Wine Glasses, 13.25 oz.

$.50 /Day EA

Add a touch of elegance to any event or party bar! These bud-shaped glasses are perfect for serving up wine, cocktails, and beer in an upscale bar setting. Also a sturdy addition to your party or event for serving water, tea, and sodas.

Footed Goblet Glass, Clear, 16-1/4 oz

$.50 /Day EA

This 16-1/4-ounce all-purpose glass goblet in clear is great for water or iced tea. It's classic design will enhance any table setting.
•16-1/4 oz. glass goblets in clear measures 7 in. tall x 3-1/2 in. diameter
•Classic one-piece stem design
•Dishwasher safe
•Made in USA

Clear Champagne Flutes with Facet-Cut Stems, 5.75 oz.

$.50 /Day EA

7½" tall flutes are a classic for serving champagne and a must-have for toasting at weddings and special occasions! Full bowl gently tapers into the slender facet-cut stem for the ideal addition to casual and formal affairs alike. Their sturdy design makes them a great choice for caterers, event planners, brides, restaurant/bar owners, and banquet facilities.

Rocks Glass, 8 oz

$.50 /Day Ea

Bring a bit of old-time tradition to your bar or restaurant with the 8 ounce Alpine™ Rocks Glasses. The Alpine™ Rocks Glass is ideal for serving drinks or spirits "on the rocks", and has a classic panel-sided design.

Summary of Highlights and Features
◦Classic panel-sided design
◦Alpine™ Rocks Glasses are stackable
◦Great for bars, restaurants, and special events

Additional Info

◦Capacity: 8 ounces
◦Measures 8.28 oz. / 245 ml when filled up to the rim
◦Height: 3.25 inches
◦Top Diameter: 3 inches
◦Base Diameter: 2.25 inches
◦Dishwasher safe

Highball Glass, 8 oz

$.50 /Day Ea

The 8oz Executive™ Highball Glasses are elegantly designed, and feature a panel-sided base that tapers up to a smooth round wide mouth. These Highballs were designed with the soul purpose of accentuating your best mixed drinks.

Summary of Highlights and Features
◦Premium tapered panel-side design
◦Amplifies the appearance of cocktails
◦Also known as High Balls or Hi-Balls
◦Ideal for bars, restaurants, and hotels
◦Made from high quality glass

Additional Info
◦Capacity: 8 ounces
◦Measures 9.64 oz. / 285 ml. when filled to the rim
◦Height: 5 inches
◦Top Diameter: 2.75 inches
◦Base Diameter: 2 inches
◦Dishwasher safe

Cut-Glass Cooler Glasses, 16 oz

$.50 /Day EA

Sturdy cooler glasses have an intricate cut-glass design to lend a touch of sophistication and style to your table settings.

Pint Glasses, 16 oz

$.50 /Day EA

The go-to glass for most beer enthusiasts, this 16 oz. pint glass has an iconic cylindrical shape that tapers toward the bottom for a simple style that's sure to please. It's perfect for serving most types of beers, including ales, IPAs, stouts, and lagers. Use it for cider, soda, ice water too! This glass is great for virtually any cold beverage with a versatile 16 oz. size and crystal clear clarity.
This glass is of the American pint glass style, a style also known as a shaker glass. When paired with a metal shaker (rented separately), this glass goes to work behind the bar where mixing drinking and serving cocktails is quite common. It's no wonder why this is the most indispensable piece of glassware for your bar or restaurant! It's heavy duty, sturdy, and sure to be a workhorse.

Top Diameter: 3 1/4"
Bottom Diameter: 2 3/8"
Height: 5 7/8"

Wine Glass, 13 oz

$.50 /Day EA

Timeless wine glass for an occasion. Thick sturdy glass and dishwasher safe!

Wine Glasses

Plastic Pitchers, 60 oz

$2.00 /Day EA

Serve your quests refreshing beer, soda, juice, or lemonade with this 60 oz. plastic pitcher. This pitcher is made of lightweight, BPA-free plastic for effortless portability, while the sturdy handle offers a comfortable grip and controlled pouring. A convenient pour spout located on the front of the pitcher ensures drip-free pouring and subtle ridging along the exterior enhances the pitcher's appearance, drawing your quests' eyes to the thirst-quenching beverage inside.

Handwash only.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 7 3/8"
Width: 5"
Height: 8 1/4"

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