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Pint Glasses, 16 oz

Pint Glasses, 16 oz

$.50 /Day EA

The go-to glass for most beer enthusiasts, this 16 oz. pint glass has an iconic cylindrical shape that tapers toward the bottom for a simple style that's sure to please. It's perfect for serving most types of beers, including ales, IPAs, stouts, and lagers. Use it for cider, soda, ice water too! This glass is great for virtually any cold beverage with a versatile 16 oz. size and crystal clear clarity.
This glass is of the American pint glass style, a style also known as a shaker glass. When paired with a metal shaker (rented separately), this glass goes to work behind the bar where mixing drinking and serving cocktails is quite common. It's no wonder why this is the most indispensable piece of glassware for your bar or restaurant! It's heavy duty, sturdy, and sure to be a workhorse.

Top Diameter: 3 1/4"
Bottom Diameter: 2 3/8"
Height: 5 7/8"

Size: 16 oz, 5-7/8" tall
Space Required:


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